Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pros and cons of English 1080 with Jon

Well here it goes,

English 1080 with Jon consists of poetry, short story's, essays and who
could forget the blogs..I mean those blogs were really something else. Besides fun, they actually kept you on top of things. They weren't overly time consuming and made my English experience much more of a enjoyable time. Attending not every class but at least most of them, I gained many writing skills that helped with the development of my essay writing. MLA.. started out as not my favorite cup of tea, but with a little push in the right direction it became my best friend. These little essay workshops really worked well. To some skilled writers maybe a waste of time but for me.. A great way to find simple tips that can take 60's and make them 70's and 80's..


They didn't exist, I'm sure you can ask anyone in the classroom they'd say the same as well..

Thanks for the great semester,

How to gas your vehicle with out the awkwardness

I'm sure if you own a vehicle you have had the argument of "what side the gas tank is on". I've experienced this a bundle of times. "Sweetheart its on my side" turns into... WHY DID YOU TELL ME THE WRONG SIDE IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW?! I used to do this all the time. Even if I got it right, I still hesitated before pulling up. UNTIL... One of my friends showed me a obvious inside indicator of what side the tank is actually on.
 Now .. Would you look at that, an arrow that points to what side the fuel up tank is actually on. A simple trick that saves you time and unnecessary arguments at each fuel up. Did you notice it was in your vehicle? Because I didn't.       

Enjoy the tip,

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Meaningful quotes explained

"As you go through life, You've got to see the valleys as well as the peaks"-Neil Young
One of my favorite quotes of all time presented by Neil himself. Generally speaking at a young age we are taught that success is good and failure is bad. Winners vs losers. But isn't it an actual fact a building block towards success? Motivation is usually something most people find hard to achieve. I'm over weight, my grades are horrendous, I suck... It's a fact i'm over weight, it's a fact my grades are terrible, it's a fact I suck. Once you steep so low in an undesirable world, you come to the realization that its time to make change possible. Get to your comfortable weight, get your grades where you want them and turn valleys into peaks.

"When I was a kid, my social network was called outside."-The-personal-quotes. This quote really speaks for itself, I mean i'm guilty for it sometimes. When I was a kid my only real choice of a friend was my father. My school had a population of 60, and my class consisted of 6 people. These 6 people were spread out of a radius of about 20 minutes away from me. Yes, some days I would hang out with them but I was content with the outdoors acting as a playground all for myself. Social networking wasn't really a big thing in my childhood. Nowadays if you just take a moment to look around... Phones, Facebook, Instagram, twitter.... As much as I enjoy it, when is the right age to introduce it to your children? Maybe eventually, instead of a child's first word or first steps we can have him dial daddy's and mommy's number.. At the age of one, a phone and computer at the age of two? I know I'm being a bit drastic but honestly... What will a kid call "outside" in 10 or 20 years?

"Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing"-Oscar Wilde 
Today we focus on materialistic items, our day to day lives become an endless calender that we become lost in. In today's generation media became an escape. Instead of facing problems we ignore them through media, when in reality we should face them. Being the best and having the best is what becomes truly important when it really isn't. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Job on the side?

Today I was picking out a beautiful hand built 12 string guitar for Christmas. Something that I thought was going to be super easy, turned into a huge hunt around town to find the best quality for the best price. It was at BEST BUY, I found my best buy. After playing the guitar for a little while, the sales associate came over and asked how I was doing and if I had been playing for a while. He quickly became friendly and asked if I was interested in teaching some guitar lessons. At first I was confused because I was unaware that best buy sold guitars, let alone guitar lessons. A trip for a iPhone cord turned into a job opportunity and a nice looking and playing guitar for Christmas. That's what I call the best buy.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

An open letter to Netflix

Dear Netflix,

Like honestly, I just want to sit down and watch a good movie. SERIOUSLY is it really so difficult to have a "NEW RELEASES"  category that are all actually new movies?? Because I couldn't care less about anything else from prehistoric times.. I'm speaking for majority of the people who have accounts as well. Like 7 dollars a month, from how many people? You must have enough money to do something to shut us all up. Maybe we can pay 20 dollars a month and we can have access to every single movie in the whole wide world? Yeah not gonna happen..

P.S. I really do enjoy the Netflix experience but can you just please help your customers.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The day has come

Most of you know that smart cars are becoming very common in today's generation. These cars are  considered healthier on the environment and studies have proven this. As of December 1st,  All gas powered vehicles are banned. That sports car you own, your parents vehicles and maybe a car you just went and bought after saving for years are all prohibited off the road. Interviewer John Parker got a chance to speak with the environmentalist that put this law in place.

"What causes made you lead to such decisions"-John

Well John,

As most of us are aware there are many environmental issues that are present to this very day. These issues aren't getting addressed due to the dramatic feedback. So, the government and some of my workers sat down and talked about our options. We decided that if we ban the gas powered vehicles, it would cut down drastically on the pollution and many toxic chemicals that are released into today's atmosphere, generating a stable environment with very few worries.

"Do you plan on giving money to everyone with vehicles"-John

Yes john, it wouldn't be fair to all the people with vehicles to just have to go buy another one. In fact that would be financially impossible. We plan to give everyone back the book value of their car.

Some opinions from the general public,

"I have had this old Volkswagen since in got out of high school, I am now 35 years old with the same car. If they are only going to give me book value for my car, I wont get enough money to buy myself a week of groceries, let alone a smart car".

With all the talk and everything that going on its going to be very hard to put this law in place. But, a vehicle is something that most people consider a necessity and because of that they must listen and purchase a smart car.